Friday, May 21, 2010

Restful Friday

I slept till 8ish which is late for me:) sat around the house drank my coffee, stared out my picture window and the showered:) Went to office and worked, had lunch with Sherry Maxwell, I have not seen her in a month! Then on listing appointment, then Steve and I went to Hot Springs and got our mother's day gifts for all my girls and mother and Kay, they are beautiful hanging baskets, I will post pics tomorrow, we delivered them, then came home and I got me some and hung them on my trees:) watered them and we went to eat Chinese, then to home depot and got the plants for the front garden and the flower gardens around my trees, in the early am I am planting them!! It felt so good to be messing with flowers, I love them!! I have Hannah's here, she is coming this next week end so she can take it home and enjoy it, I get them form a wholesale house in Hot Springs, if you bought them here they would be 75-80 dollars. I always think I should buy a lot of them and double my money here, cause I sure could sell call in Feb. for them to make them, you get sun or shade baskets then they grow them in their green house so it is full and so pretty when you pick them up. I normally get them right before mother's day but this year with Walt's death I was unable to go till today. Just talked to Kay and mother and they have had a fun day and doing fine. I am ready fro bed, for some reason my back is really bothering me, it hurts across the lower part, not like it is out just a throb, I wondered if it was my kidneys, I see Dr. Sanderson Wed., I made me an appointment lst week when I was having a melt down:) now I am fine but will keep the appointment, he can check my back:) plus its time I go see him. I have a listing appointment!! This is the second call I have gotten in two days to list house and we are in a listing contest, so keep praying me in some business!! hugs and nite!

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