Friday, May 28, 2010

Company coming to town!

sitting on the deck,Sharon, Aunt Mildred, Mother who is 100 pds. now, gained 16 pds. in three weeks:) in her size 2 pants!
Aunt Mildred, Sharon

Mother seeing Aunt Mildred

A sister hug:)

Wednesday night Kay spent the night with mother, I worked Thursday am then went to store and to mother's to get everything ready f0r company!! I made sour cream chicken, squash casserole and purple hull peas for dinner, but for lunch mother and I had a sweet potato, creamed spinach, mac and cheese and it was some kind of good, I also made chicken and dumplings again for the company, tomorrow will be roast, potatoes and carrots at mothers. I have Hannah and Mark and the kids coming to my house and can not wait to play and visit with them:))) I will make lasangna for her and salad, then Sunday we go to Alicia's for a swim party, my Aunt Marie is coming too, with mother and Aunt Mildred and Sharon. Sean and sarah are at the condo, Jared and Jenn in mtn. home, Alex and Jill have church potluck and work on Sunday so we will be short a few and they will all be missed:((( I am really tired tonight, it has been a full day of work and getting beds ready for company, mother's house is ready and plenty of food, wish she had already moved so it would be closer to just go around the corner instead of driving 20-30 minutes one way! I am preparing her for her move the best I know how, and I think she will like it once its over with, I just hope we all survive it:) Have movers coming at 1pm on June 12th........its over whelming to think about it:) Lord help:) what I say all the time. Well I am going to bed, I have been tireder before for sure but for sure ready for bed. Enjoy the pics of Aunt Mildred and Sharon getting here. Aunt Mildred shared so many memories tonight at dinner, mother just laughed till she cried, we all did...such a sweet time!

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