Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun day!

Today has been a very productive day!! Took mother to the Dr. this AM, had all her blood work done, her physical was good and we will get report on Blood work, Dr. stated mother looked real good! Then we went to Mimi's for breakfast, mother ate so much the waiter who is my friend Dave Bobbitt was amazed at how much she could eat!! Came home after lunch she went to work with me, she enjoyed that and so did I!! Now we are home and watching the news........I am wore out:) I got a lot of work done today so that helps me to have a clearer mind! Aunt Mildred called, mother's sister and her daughter Sharon, Sharon called this Am, she and Aunt Mildren will be coming May 28th. or 29th. for the Memorial day weekend, I am so excited, mother will be glad to see them! Well I got some new buyers today....yea!!! Gotta sell some homes this week!! best run...hugs and nite!

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