Monday, May 24, 2010

linda lou averitt afternoon:)

woohoo....had a me afternoon, got a massage my niece gave me then did nails and toes, then to Panera Bread for french onion soup with my good looking hubby, now home and in PJ's:))) feeling rested and feminine:))) if you get my drift:) Sunday mother went with me to show property in Greenbriar, she did just fine, then we went to Cracker Barrel and for 12.22 we ate a plate, called something, it has meat loaf, ham, chicken and dumplings, then we had turnip greens, pinto beans, cabbage and corn bread, water and topped it off with blackberry cobbler and ice cream, mother cannot have to many blackberries due to the seeds and diverticulitis, so I hope it does not upset her, so far so good, she ate most of the ice cream. Mother has gained to 100 pds, that is 16 pds. in three weeks, she eats all the time, she was starving to death! Of course you have to sit with her to get her to finish her meal, so I am eating healthy and three times a day too, but I have actually continued to lose, I have about 20 more pds. to go to reach my goal!! Just need a lot of exercise to tone up all my lose skin:))) UGH!! Its always something. Took better pics of the baskets and mother at work with me, enjoy!!! Tomorrow is sales meeting, we have a Cabot agent who went into the hospital for foot surgery and past away this am, totally not expected, she was fine before surgery so keep her family in your prayers, her name is Sandy Hicks. I have several loans closing this week so I am hooked up on getting them closed:)) yahoo!! well gotta go lay next to my hubby and enjoy my alone time with him, far and few between times lately. hugs and nite

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Lovely flower baskets!
Sorry to hear about your friend! How scary! I've been considering foot surgery for some time--Something must have gone terribly wrong!