Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Birthday and family and slop jar

mother and family 014 ok it was called a slop jar, and it looked like this BUT it was metal:) This went on Walt’s beside toilet. mother saw it sitting in the living room ,  we were cleaning everything out of the house, she came by it and looked at me in horror and said what is this doing here?  I ask her what it was and she said well its the slop jar, we have got to get that thing out of here, I died laughing and moved it out, this pic was from a bedside toilet, Steve is going to keep the toilet so he can have it in the deer woods:)  mother and family 003 This is mother’s brother Elmer and her sister Connie:)


mother and family 006Colin and Clay power washed the deck and Peggy Earnheart came and planted plants in mother’s planter, it looks so good:)

mother and family 008 Kay and me and Conniemother and family 015 Mother’s room, we went through each room and totally cleaned it all out:) long hard day for sure, very emotional day for us all. mother and family 016 I dread Connie leaving wed. am, I will sure miss her.  Mother will miss her, Connie has been with mother each night, it helped me be able to cope with all this, I get over whelmed and just lose my breath, then have a crying time, then realize I am the saved not the savior and it will all work out.  Today when I was driving to get mother and Connie I drove past where Steve’s sister Judy lives, and realized she is the perfect care giver for mother, she is retired from nursing and had been sitting with a lady, she needed a job, she will come over Tuesday while we are there and be there this week, I ask you to pray mother bonds with her and will not feel afraid.  My life has changed as I know it, but I do not want to give up who I am or lose my passions in life for work and the things I enjoy, mother would not want that either, BUT I totally know I am responsible for mother, and I am thankful for Steve, his mother died  when he was 23 and he loves my mother like I do:)  Mother has gained 10 pounds since Monday!! She already looks better, there is no doubt she would of been dead her self, We had stepped in to do something on gaining custody of her  about a month ago, ( remember I was moving them near me) we have seen in the past six months a major down hill slope with Walt and mother, I am thankful Walt did not suffer and that we can care for mother, Walt totally took care of her needs while he was alive and now when he is gone.  Today we went to Alicia's for mother’s birthday and mother’s day which was a fun day, planned on going to church tonight but mother was tired and needed to go home, I went with her and Connie home then came home to my own bed and ready for it:)) Sry I have no pics of it, Jill took some so when she post, I will sang them:) hugs to all


Alex and Jill said...

I knew she had to of gained some weight over the past few days! I will just bring her a fudge pie every week...we'll have her healthy in no time. :)

Love you!

Alicia Jean said...

You need to make the beautiful picture of you, Connie and Annie Kay your profile picture on FB! Love you!

Anonymous said...

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