Friday, May 14, 2010


Today was a morning I did not have to be up and out so early, felt good! Judy came over and sat with mother and us, we went and got two new recliners for the den at lazy boy and to lunch so Judy can get to know mother and mother her, mother really likes her. Hoping she can help some when I work, between her and April and family we will have it covered. Kay came and got mother and they went shopping, they got a down mattress pad for mine and Steve's bed, cannot wait to try it, the bed is soooooo hard. My bones hurt which is odd for me to even be able to feel them but I do! Tomorrow we are going to see Alexandria in her dances at school, I am looking forward to this, then we will spend the night at my house and I am looking forward to that, just hope mother can learn my house:) Having a listing contest at work so I need some new listings, most of mine have sold, so if you know someone who is thinking of selling their home have them calmed, in or out of state, I can over see your real estate even out of state!!! so call me:)))) I am getting back into the work mold the best I can. Still grieving the loss of Walt, I feel as if I have not been able to miss him because I have my hands so full with mother, so when it hits I just cry, I know what happens when you don't!! It is getting better....Ready for bed, IF I can get mother in bed!! Hugs and nite

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