Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Aunt Connie

connie We all have people in our life that mean so much to us, I have my Aunt Connie, as a child when we would go to Signal Mtn. Tenn. I always loved seeing and being around Connie, we are closer in age so I always just called her Connie, as I got older she would take me places with her, she was always fun and I loved her, I still love her, when mother called me Monday after finding Walt, Connie was one of the first people I called, she said do you need me to come and I said YES, as the day progressed with in 20-30 minutes, I called her crying and said when will you be here, she said by 11:00am the next day, she had to book a flight, she lives in Baton Rouge, La.  Connie stopped her life to come asap to help me and mother, this is how Connie is, I know she had a full plate at home but her world stopped to come to be with her sister and be with me and Kay.  If you know me very well, even in the midst of crises, if you ask me what can you do or do you need me, I would usually answer I am ok and I do not know what you can do, BUT its different with Connie, I knew I could not do this, I  not only needed her but felt I HAD TO HAVE HER WITH ME.  As the week progressed I thought several times a day, I am so thankful she came, how would I have made it without her, I dread her leaving but know she has a family to care for and has to go home.  Connie always finds humor in life, she is full of joy in the midst of her on pain, Connie has wisdom and I needed it, several times she would say, NO, Linda that is not what you need to do, Let me tell you……she reminded me I was not super woman and needed help, she told me to call in people to clean and do the floors, I was trying to do it all, and it takes a melt down to know I can’t. Thursday night after the family had all left and the funeral was over, mother and my April had laid down for a rest, Steve had just left to go home, now I thought I was ok, but when I realized Steve had gone, and he kissed me bye but for some reason I did not know he was leaving right then, I started crying, went into the den and started picking up family albums, had a total met down, Connie was out front talking to her family on he phone, I had sorta got my self together,  I thought and took a real estate call, my mind was so addled, I could not even think of what to tell a seller about an appraisal, the whole time we were talking tears were just flowing down my face. I hung up and totally lost it AGAIN, Connie came in the room and you know when your carrying and trying to talk but you can not quit crying???? that was where I was at.  During the process of the week, we put things in mother’s laundry room, it became a catch all, I had walked in there to do something , I could not even walk around, I thought we have got to get all this back straight and it needed straight before we put things in it:) in telling Connie everything my focus was on I can not even get in the laundry room, just crying the whole time I am talking to her, not knowing how I would get though all this, I finally stopped crying with Connie there right with me , I had to get some paper work to a agent, that was immediate and I had it with me so no one could do it for me, I thought ok, this will get my mind better and went to my Little Rock office near mother’s, on the way talked to Steve and he was on his way back over, I got to the LR office it was quiet and I did my paper work then just had a crying time, went back to mother’s and Steve was already there, I needed him there, I needed his hugs and comfort.  Connie had just tore into the laundry room, she had it in the process of being straight, I had to laugh, she has always been a hero to me and she still was:))) Mother woke up and we sat outside, we could see Connie working like a slave,  Connie had said just give me the word, and its done, she did not want to throw anything away till we ask her to.  Today Alicia and Hannah are coming over and we are doing Walt's room and getting things done that needs to be done.  I truly do not know what I would do without my Connie, she is a very special unique person, she is confident and strong, not afraid to speak the truth but will tear up at the drop of a hat, she laughs all the time and makes me laugh.  Connie has a cross to bear of her own but you would never know it, she is my Connie and everyone should have one in their life!!  Connie if you read this I love you so much, thank you for being you to me!!   One other word Connie gave me of advice when I was little, do not go to the out house  during the night, use the slop jar till morning:) now for those who do not know what a slop jar, its a big white bucket with a lid,  it was metal:) and YOU ONLY PEE in it if you have to go during the night:)  When you wear white pants you do not wear pink panties:))  to this day when I wear white pants I have flesh tone panties or white:)) what a AUNT!! Thanks Connie for all you do for everyone, you are the rock for our family.

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