Thursday, May 27, 2010

This to will pass

Little Dog

When I was a little girl my Papa had this little iron dog, he chained it to a dog house in the corner of his front lawn, they lived on Signal Mountain in Tenn. It is heavy and I would always go pet it:) I decided to name it Little Dog Jack:)
I named this blog, this too shall pass, because of all the stress I have had lately, when I found out I was pregnant with my fifth child and my fourth child was only four months old I just cried and cried, my dear friend LaJuana Mcgee got me this book, If I perish, I perish:) as you all know I did just find , I am so thankful for my son Jared! That is sorta how this week has been, very busy and at times I thought if I perish, I perish........but thank you for your prayers, I have hope and peace for tomorrow, my son and I talked this am and it was a sweet talk, we will met and talk more this week end. I can see clearer why he was so upset, and I apologized for the things I had said in hurt and he apologized for speaking when he did not have the whole picture, we still may not agree but that is ok. This to will pass!!! As I told Steve when things like this happen and they do, then I always seek the Lord in what He is trying to show me or help me with, even though we may not like what someone says there may be some truth in it and you can learn from it....once you get past the hurt feelings, anger and frustration of it all. I would of just chose a different time in my life when I was not already on over load, but I know God works it all for my good and my son's good and we will be stronger for it all:)))) I am at mother's tonight, got so much to do tomorrow and would love to go to bed but if you remember she does not go to bed very early, I did give her meds early hoping it will help her be ready for bed about 10ish:) normally its after midnight:((((( she and Walt had the habit of staying up all night and sleeping in the day, so mother still has some bad habits:( not if Alicia was here it would be just fine because she is a night owl! so is April Averitt:) I am excited Hannah and her family will be here for the weekend, Aunt Mildred and Sharon will be with mother. I will need to be here some but really want to have some time with my mcgill babies:))) can't wait!! Keep my friend Sandy Hick's family in your prayers, she past away Monday, she worked with McKimmey, she went in for foot surgery as a out pt. and died the next morning, her daughter checked on her and she was not breathing right and her daughter called 911, she past away at the hospital, her family is in shock, so pray for them, her funeral was today, I wanted to go but felt so emotionally Lucy goosey that I did not go, I would hate to fall apart like a crazy person in public:) but my heart was with her family. I know she is in heaven with her mother who she so loved that past earlier. well best go and do what ever:) hugs

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I don't know what is going on in the heavenlies, but life is HARD right now for almost all of my friends! It's like everything is falling apart--The word that keeps coming to me is TRIBULATIONS!
I can so relate to what you are going through with your mother! My sister and I are both so STRESSED in dealing with the guilt of Alztheimer's Disease. You just can't help them--you go visit and she doesn't remember and thinks that no one cares! It's Awful!!!God please help all those afficted with this dreadful disease and those of us who have to watch their decline! Praying for you! V.