Monday, May 10, 2010

Fast packed Monday

Today was so good, I got to the office this am and did some much needed book work and real estate work, then headed to mothers, we went to the Social Security office to do the paper work needed their, then to Red Lobster to eat, I am so gonna miss Connie, this morning at the SS office, I sat down with mother and Connie after waiting for a while they called our number, we went to the window, the man ask for mother's ss number and I said just a minute i have it, I looked in my purse and did not have her wallet with her information, I bout panicked, it had a credit card and her new id in there too with her insurance cards, the guy said I can not do anything without that number, mother was asking what is wrong and she was looking in her purse, I started laughing and so did Connie at me be so lame brain, but felt panic at the same time, I ask mother her ss number and she just spit it right amazed me, I stepped out not to confuse mother anymore and called Steve to look for her wallet, he had taken it out when he got the receipts in my purse.....he brought it to us but I did not even need her ID!! Poor mother to have me for her helper, Connie has been my brain this week, Lord help us when she leaves Wednesday! Mother keeps saying I am going to keep her! It was a better day for mother today, still hard but better. Seems like every day there is something we have to do, so if you haven't preplanned your funeral or have a list of all your assets and debts then please do it so your family will not have to do it while grieving and not know for sure what is what:) We did this when Jim Averitt, Steve's brother passed two years ago Sept., it makes me a believer in prearranged funeral right down to the obituary. Even though none like to even think on that.

I think I see a light at the end of this tunnel......we will see if it is a train or a real light as the next two weeks progress:) Hugs and nite

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Jen said...

We are missing seeing you every day! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Love you!!!!!!!!