Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lot going on in my life

We got home from Florida Sunday night, was good to be home, when at work Monday mother called me and was hysterical, she said Walt was on the floor and she thought he was dead, he did not have a pulse, I knew when she said he did not have a pulse she was thinking clear, I flew out of the office, Alicia was there, she want with me end up driving because my legs were shaking so bad, I called 911 and they got there right before we did, Walt had passed, Walt usually went to bed about 5:30am or 6:00am and slept all day, mother stayed up till 2 or 3am and slept till 4 or 5pm, Monday she got up at 1:30 and checked on Walt and that is when she found Walt. The EMT said he died of natural causes, so he had a heart attack or stroke and died suddenly. This has been one of the hardest times in my life, mother has been so confused and lost, it breaks my heart. Most things are coming together, the funeral is tomorrow at 1:00. Alex will preach the funeral and Jill will sing, it will be a special time for us in memory of Walt. I was just racing in my thoughts of what in the world to do, then this morning thought we just do not have to do anything right now, we can just keep things like they are, and stay with mother in her home for now, and then she stay with us a few nights. So that gave me peace of mind, I will have a lady I know come and be at mothers with me there and then she can stay with her during the day time, Kay and I will both share in her care. SO that are my plans and that made mother feel better knowing we were not moving her right now or selling everything. If we come to mind keep us in your prayers...........I will blog as I can for now, mother is my main concern now.......hugs and night.

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