Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A new tomorrow:)

This tomorrow was from yesterday and it is today:) I got up early did paper work then off to the office fro sales meeting, had a great meeting, then off to lunch with my dear friend who I love so much Pam Richey, she has been such a support to me, she lost her mother two years ago, she was the care taker of her mother and sweet daddy, he is still living and she is the best daughter, she loved her mother and loves her daddy. She has some good wisdom for me and it always helps just to have a friend to listen. I then went to a Chenalwoods condo meeting, that went well, just getting some fresh ideals from other agents. It felt good to get my files in order and get my loans checked on, I love what I do and it felt good to do it.

Today is a new tomorrow, I have a new mind set and felt your prayers. I am figuring what I can and can not do and what is best for mother and me. I also got a break and that was a major help:) Tomorrow Judy will be here at 9:00am and I will be at work:) I have a listing appointment at 11:00. Friday at work Barry ask me about my files and said we did not have copies of my offers, in which I know I am to have a main file on nay real estate I do, real estate law, I wrote so many offers at once and when I was in Florida I was behind, I just started crying which is not me, of course Barry just started saying it is ok, not to worry, BUT I know the law too and knew I had to get it done or hire it done, so today I got them all turned in:)) it felt so good:) I enjoyed the mental break from mother and back into real estate! I have some ideals of what I need to do to best help mother and me, it feels peaceful and I am ready for some peace! Walt obviously trusted me to make the correct and best decisions for mother and he has left me some large shoes to fill as POA, I find myself thinking would Walt be ok with this or that and I think he would be proud of me and mother:) Mother has had a better day, she got her hair styled today and cut, it looks so good, and her nails and toe nails done, they are light light pink, when we got there she said she did not want to do her toes but I reminded she had to have her toe nails cut, so she did, she really enjoyed the pampering:) I will take her pic tomorrow, she is looking like my mother again, still gaining weight:) While she got her nails done I went to Kroger's and got food for the month:) some good good food too, like pinto beans, great northern beans, chicken, pork chops to grill out, sweet potatoes and baked potatoes, lots of different ingredients to make several different dinners, I love to cook and I will have the care taker fix mother's breakfast and lunch but I will do dinner or Steve will as much as we can:) After doing her nails we, me, mother, April went to red lobster, I ate good:) too good:)
Tomorrow I need to go to Verizon and get me a new cell phone and turn Walt's off, they have had two cell phones for the past three years and never used them:( As you can tell I am much better and I feel your prayers, so keep praying for us to settle into a new life style, for me to remember what is important:) and not be afraid to make the right decision for mother, which has to be the right decision for me too:) Not feeling so alone in all this today, it helps to have friends and a wonderful husband......now to get mother to bed:) hugs and nite!!

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