Saturday, May 22, 2010

Working day

hard to see hanging basket, this is Hannah's for mother's day:)

baskets in trees, I have stickers and I was bare foot so I could not get close:(

This is Jenn's for mother's day, I miss them they have been in Mt. Home for a week and will be anothe week with her daddy, Jared had to work about 100 hrs. this week.

petunias basket

I have got so much done that I wanted to do, planted flower beds, went to store and went on listing appointment, now sitting back resting, I got stuff to make lasagna but may wait till another day, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of my clean home with flower beds done:) Kay has been with mother since Thursday and she will bring her here later, I am sure she is wore out, she had Sawyer today too:) I know mother enjoyed that. Mother will spend the night with me and tomorrow she can go with me to Greenbrair to show some houses:) then to Journey church. I took some pics of the flower baskets I get the girls for mother's day and of my yard:))) hugs and nite

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