Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lord help, April teaching mother her bad habits!

mimi and april pjs 001 Mother had her PJ’S  on for the night and miss April decided she wanted Baskin Robins ice cream, soooooo off they went, I told mother to sit in the car, but oh no, I knew she wouldn’t:) so she and April trotted in Baskin Robin’s in their PJ”S in West Little Rock, which is uppity, and it was full of people:)  It is fun to see mother not be so reserve and just be spontaneous, she has never been spontaneous, she always had to plan.  Not sure where me and Sean and Hannah and Alicia get it…but we are spontaneous and happy go lucky.  Mother is getting like that:)  Today she spent the day with Kay, I think they had fun, I worked and Kay took her to do some errors and lunch, mother enjoyed going to Kay’s house this morning.  You would think she would be wore out but oh no, she has more energy then nay of us.  I said mother its going to be bed time soon, she said well we cannot go to bed this early………..she stays up late….I go to bed early, good thing April is a night owl!!  Tomorrow we have a Drs. Appointment at 8:15am, so she will need to be up early…….but that does not seem to matter tonight:)  Tomorrow we do not have anything else to do, thank the Lord!  The carpets and furniture got cleaned today, and the draperies…I did not know it would shrink them but it did a little, when I wash the shears maybe they will shrink too! It still does not look bad, just do not hit the floor, Kay for sure noticed it being the decorator she is:)  But as Aunt Otis use to say , no one will tell us about it!!  At least they are clean!   Got a loan closed and a surprise pay check today on a referral:) I love pay days, this will be a good month…thank the Lord!!  I need to sell some homes, the market has slowed down after the tax credit but they are predicting a good summer market!  Well best run… to talk mother into going to bed:))  hugs and nite!


Jen said...

Those two are precious! How fun!

Alex and Jill said...

LOL I love that they went in their pjs!