Saturday, May 15, 2010

Full Saturday!

Got up early too have some me time, mother got up at 8ish. Steve was up early, we then had breakfast and then Lazy boy delivered mother's new chairs, they are so comfortable and pretty, she picked them out and likes them. Then we went to Alexandria's dance at her school, mother liked that, she sat by Alicia, she moved from me to her, I thought of leaving and taking a break but wanted to see Alexandria dance, we went to diner at Texas Roadhouse, which was way to loud, cam home and laid and feel asleep on the mother and I are in my bed, we are spending the night here, it is hard for her because she keeps feeling like she needs to be home, but I want to get her use to coming here too...pray for her to adjust, and me too:))) This week I have lots of work so I will be figuring it all out as I go. Well off to bed, its suppose to rain tomorrow so I hope we sleep late, the church tomorrow night and then back to mother's:)) thinking of coming back her Monday night if she can do it:) for the night then back to her house on Tuesday afternoon, Alicia ask how long can I hold up doing this and my answer is I am not sure, I am just taking one day at a time and trusting the Lord:) bout all I can do and all I need to do...hugs and nite

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Anonymous said...

I am praying she will get more and more used to your house, I am so Thankful that you are taking such good care of her, If I can do anything let me know. I love you . hannah