Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Mcgills are here:)

Max setting up crokay...sp...:)


No more quiet house or clean house, things are every where and so are the babies!! Steve was on his John Deere :) when they came, Blake went straight to it, after hugs and kisses and wanted to ride with his daddygran and he did:) Olivia came grinning ear to ear saying NaNA! Max ran in the house and I was amazed how he had grown taller!! So many hugs and kisses and fun times, laid in bed watching Land before time last night, fell asleep:) Today we are going swimming at Bob and Alicia's fro some good ole family time, then I may go to church, they are having a potluck tonight, depends on Aunt Mildred and mother. I have a baby gift I have had for someone now forever and need to give it to Roxie before her baby can not wear it:) Well off for a fun filled day! HUGS

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