Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday…….making it

Tomorrow Connie leaves in early am, I am going to really miss her, she has been my rock, my sounding board, my friend, my confident, I love her so much, she has also been all this for mother.  I am ready for her to come back and she has not even left yet:)))  Today has been a ok day, mother has cried off and on.  But she has done well, she and Connie walked today and mother loved that.  My sister in law Judy came over today to visit and let mother get use to her, mother liked her and enjoyed her, Judy has allergies and asthma so not sure how she can do it with the smoke, we will just have to see.  April wants to help with her care so that will be nice.  We are staying at mother’s this week, I miss my house, but know for now we need to be here till mother settles down. Not sure what the next day holds but know God is in control:)))  Not much more to share…….I will have to think on something to blog on!  Its been a good day:) hugs and nite!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Linda, this has put your whole family in a state of flux...unsettling, but you will muddle through, I know. Love, C

Jen said...

Praying that things work out with Judy and April to help with Mimi. Love you!!!