Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday evening and home:)

Today has been busy but good, I worked this am, went to the board meeting for the Realtors, then to mothers, Faye came over and we met her, she is so sweet, mother liked her so that made my day. She will start next week helping me with care for mother, she can stay nights, she is in her 60's and lives next to her daughter, so she has the time to work and help with mother. We will meet Connie next Monday, these ladies comes with great references form my friend Pam Richie, so I am excited to know how good they are. Judy worked today form 9-2 while I worked, then Kay came over at 4 and is staying till Saturday so it is a much needed break, I am driving the roads form nlr to mother's three times a day when I work, I will be glad to move her over here. I think it may help her to be in a different home, still her things but a fresh start:) I already have my PJ's on and honestly could go to bed right now, I am going to eat some chicken noodle soup and get to be early.. I have a listing appointment tomorrow at 1:00 in Parkhill, then go to Hot Springs to get some plants I was to pick up before mothers day. I ordered in Feb. hanging baskets that are Gorgeous ! I cannot wait to get mine, I have one for mother and kay too. Alicia, Jill, Jenn and my friend Edwanda and Sherry. I love flowers and I love that green house, it is a wholesale house so you get them cheaper, they would sell for about 80-100 dollars here. I hope I sleep late in am, I am taking some Tylenol pm to help me rest good. It just feels good to not have mother on my mind 100% of the time.......a much needed break:) well going to make soup and go to bed...hugs and nite

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