Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 New Years Day! back home:)

Dixie Stampede.....Steve saying it smells like the is an arena:) she not so cute!

Peyton wanting peanuts:)
We are home and have all the Christmas put up, I miss it but am ready to start a new year! Last year was a different year for me in Real Estate, I did not have the year I had expected out of my self, after I was so sick the end of last year, and Jimmy Maxwell dieing, I was in a state of grief for more then half of last year. (I reevaluated what would be important to me, for once I decided I did not have to be number one in Real Estate and I did not push my self so hard, had a good year and in the top five in our company and still stayed in the top agents in Arkansas, BUT Alicia Jean Averitt Haley did kick my butt this year, she averaged a closing every week!! I am so proud of her, I know how hard it is to do that and what it takes, she deserved the restful week she had this week:) ) so I feel as if I pulled out of it in late September, weird how I know, but I do:)Physically I am so much healthier then I have been in a long time, I can do so many things I could not do before. I am starting boot cam on Monday, I am nervous about it because I know I can not do what the coach will expect of me, but I am starting and doing what I can, t is for four weeks at 6:00am, coach said it would kick my butt for awhile:((( I have a busy week ahead of me so if I come to mind pray for me. This year I want to end it a my goal weight and physically fit. I will start a high protein diet and do a lot of exercise, then I will continue it on my own at the rec. ctr., I just need to know what to do, since I have not had a life of exercise:((did not even when i weighed 110 pds., I always was so physically with riding horses, I guess I stayed fit.
The past week has been so restful, we did not even eat out much, I cooked and enjoyed it, we just watched TV, played games and enjoyed each others company:) I am on a budget so we didn't even spend much money which is really good for me:0 I am so looking forward to a shower for Jenn and Mikka Sunday the 10th of January, can not wait to meet miss Mikka!! If you live near me and know Jenn then please come it is at 2:00pm. You know you are welcome, it will be fun and honor she and Miss Mikka!! Its good to be home, I am pondering on the new year and what it holds for me, what I will need to do to make it happen, on goal is to be debt free and have the IRS deal behind me:)) so I am praying for a lot of business and a lot of homes to sell, a lot of buyers, pray for me and with me, as I pray you will have time to sit and think of what you want out of life for yourself this year!! hugs to all

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