Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Award winning Tuesday

Giving the Overall Top Producer award to Michele Philips, Barry Holmes with us


Decorating............our theme is "Over The Top"

Today we had our awards breakfast and geared up for 2010, we had a great speaker who was very encouraging. My boss Byron and his wife Marilyn could be there, Byron had surgery and was not up to it, I missed them so much, didn't seem the same for me without my partners. But I pulled it off and we had a great time, lots of awards, Alicia won number 1 in sales and number 2 in listings, she is number 2 in the company of about 140 agents!! I did stay in the top five as number five:), I had a different year, I sold more expensive homes and had less closings but my income is about the same, so for 2010 I need more listings to have more sales, I am not pushing my self anymore to be number one but I do want to always be in the top five:) Boot camp about did me in this morning, I went at five because I had to be ready for the breakfast at 8am, I like the 5am class but do not like getting up at 4:30am:( In the morning I will go at 7:00am and I dread it, but feel better afterwards.
My friend is still doing better, pray for her, she still has major depression and her life situation is no different, pray she finds a reason to live. hugs and nite!

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