Thursday, January 28, 2010

Early Thursday

I was not sure what to title this blog since it is too early in the day to know what type of day it will be:) I went to hip hop last night at boot camp and loved it, Sherry Maxwell went with me, she is going to go with me on Wed. nights, that is when they have it at 6:00pm if anyone else wants to hip hop, flop flop, drop drop:) It is a great work out! It is still unreal for me to even hear my self say work out! I am learning how to work out and now how to dance:) On a different not, it is suppose to be winter weather here:) YEA! I would like one good snow then spring! I am meeting with my friend who tried to take her life today, Sherry and Alicia and I will be working with her through some of the issues that caused her to try to take her life, I have not done any counseling in a long time but really want to be able to help her have a reason to live and work through pray for us. Then I have a listing appointment in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock, a condo. If I want to be able to feed my family I will need to go to the store today which will be major because if there is a hint of ice or snow the whole state of Arkansas goes to the store:))) Its a Southern thing! Normally I wait till it gets here then go and no one is there:) Gotta love Arkansas! All is well with the family, Amelia slept NINE hours! She is the best baby girl! Jennifer is hanging in there, Mika has held on so far, she may make the Feb. 4th date....a first for Jenn! Hannah and her family are doing great, Mark past his supervisor test so he will be applying for management with the post office, they have been training him for the past year, so they may be moving some where else, that will be hard, I am use to them being next door! No other news, some have ask when April plans on marring, not for another year or so:) they both have to mature some and wait for the right timing! Be ready for marriage, if you are ever ready, but at least have steady jobs and a place to live:)) the necessity's for life ...... well best start my day....lets make it a great one!! It is up to us! HUGS

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