Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals 2010

Today did not go as planned, with the snow, I did not go to boot camp, it is in LR and the coach was there but no one else was, but I go at 6:00 am:( tomorrow, Tuesday I have sales meeting at 8:45am., then property tour, then brokers meeting. Today I wrote out my goals for 2010 for me personally, physically, spiritually and work related and the steps to accomplish the goals each day/week/month............we are setting a group who wants to be accountable at work on the work goals and meet monthly to help each other meet the 2010 goals.....I need accountability :)

I made appointments to show two buyers this week homes so that is exciting, I talked to sellers today to keep them updated and informed on the market and the sell process of their homes, then came home:) Before all that I went to Jenn's to watch the girls while she went to her Drs. appointment, only to find out they were closed:((( she goes again in the am, her Nanny is coming to keep them tomorrow, I know her Nanny will love spending the night with them.

Have a meeting tonight at 6:30 with Alicia for us to talk about our work goals and get on the same page with the agents in helping them keep theirs. Can you tell I am ready to go to work??? Played long enough, I am ready to list and sell and make some money, I am broke and do not like being broke:) That's the problem with commission sales. Wish I was the lottery winner, would that not be something!! Can not even image what they are thinking right now.....oh how nice that would be! A instant multi millionaire! The power ball lottery in Arkansas is new and it was 25 million for all those who do not live here, it goes to the higher education for Arkansas students, it was bought at a Mayflower Arkansas store by a local person, the person has not come forth yet, I would be down there asap then meet with attorney's to figure it all out:) If we are going to dream we might as well dream BIG!! Hang onto your dreams and think about your goals for 2010, remember the best made plans need to be written out so you can attain them!! HUGS and NITE!

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Well, "goals" is a better term that "resolution," I think! Yes, powerball--may be my ticket out. And, yes, "broke" sucks...C