Thursday, January 14, 2010

It is well with our souls

Today has been better, Steve is more coherent, he got his catheter out, and is off the oxygen, the Dr. said he is doing better then expected!! He sat in the chair for a hour and walked in the hall, baby steps with a walker, Anna was here and was his cheerleader as he walked:) Last night was a sleepless night, he was up a lot, then when he was asleep, the nurses were in and out to check things. This is a wonderful hospital, the only thing to even complain about is the food, it is all real pretty, has great presentation but very dry and tasteless:( so I got Steve some soup for his dinner tonight from Olive Garden, he will like that. Not much else to share, i covet your prayers and they are working:) Derol and Ann May sent some gorgeous white roses with pink tips, they smell heavenly! Will take a pic later for you to enjoy with us!! hugs and night....if I come to mind later, I am going to boot camp at 7:00, again nothing in me wants to go:( I will be glad when I enjoy it, that is suppose to happen someday right?? Hugs and nite!

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Alex and Jill said...

Amelia says to give Daddygrand a kiss for her! :)