Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boot Camped kicked my booty

Lord help for real, I went today and now I do understand in a clearer way what boot camp is! First off, for some reason I was thinking like workout equipment, I am not sure what i expected, but in saying all that, I was not prepared for what I got. When I first got there the coach said to do some stretches, she and I did that together, in which I knew what that was and did ok, then she said do twenty laps form one end of the gym to the other, walk one side and jog the other, once I did that, my legs were burning so bad, she did it with me, then she had a blue office chair on wheels and told me to sit it in, I thought she knew I needed a rest, but no, she handed me the end of a towel and said to hold it, she had the other end, then said push the chair backwards and pull me..............ouch...this killed my legs, I said how many times do I do this, she said four! I thought, I am not sure I can, once I got to the one end, we went back to the other end, I made it and she said ok, walk it out and then 20 laps, at this time my legs felt like, I do not even know how to describe it, jelly then like they were not even there, but I did the 20 laps, thinking I am so glad I did not have to do four! Then she said the chair again, now at this time, I am dieing, I am red all over from my hands,arms,face was so red and I was sweating, coach said, Miss Linda you are so red and flush, you ok, I said no, your killing me...she just laughed and said pull me, this time it was twice as hard for me, I got to the other end and was coming back and really did not think I could keep going, my feet quit and she said no you can do this, and began counting of where I was at so I would know when I was almost finished, I tilted my head back and moaned and grown ed till I got there, I told her it felt like I was having a baby with her yelling you can do it, your almost there, come on miss Linda push!! then she said 20 more laps! now at this time, I did not know if my legs would even hold my body weight, she said come they will and they did! then did lunges, when I was learning how to do one, I was so wobbly and had to put my hands down to catch myself, coach said is this hurting your knees, I said no, I have never done this and have to learn my balance so I can even stand up to do this lunge thing, went across the length of the gym and back, 2o MORE laps! then she had me do planks, now I had no ideal what a plank even was, she did it with me, you put your hands on the floor and pull your rear up and have your feet where you are on your toes and hold it for 30 secs., this was awful, my abdomen was burning, I could not make it 30 seconds and just laid on the cold concrete and moaned and growned, then did another one and then did side kicks, this was all done within the hour.....when I left I was sweating, red and breathless.......felt a little nauseated......I got me something to drink and came home took Ibuprofen and drank lots of water....all to get up in am and do it again! I really need your prayers to complete this.....it is really hard for me, remember I am one who does nothing to make myself sweat and have never done a for real exercise program, when its over, I should have a lot more upper body strength and I should be able to pull my self up on the horse, which is a goal, now I step on a box to mount the horse, my legs were not strong enough to hold my body weight, I have just got so out of shape over the years, but that is all changing, if it does not kill me first!
Had a long day at the office, sales meeting and property tour, then two meetings, then home and I am for sure ready for bed! HUGS and Night!


Mom of 3! said...

That is awesome and I know you can do it!!!! You are a rock star! Love you!

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