Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blake Mcgill is 3!

April still not liking Chuckie Cheese!

William Blake McGill three years old!!
Today I got up with all intention of going to church, had some friends meeting me there and sat down and started watching Monk, this was AFTER my prayer time:) thought I had plenty of time and then looked at the clock and it was 10am, me in my PJ's so needless to say I did not make it:( Heard it was wonderful! Then went to Chuckie Cheese for Blake's birthday, that place was so crowed and loud, but a fun place for the kids! Then home and made some yummy onion soup, I had this recipe and it was so good all the way down to the french bread and mozzarella baked in a oven proof soup dish! YUM YUM! I am the only one who ate it:)) I may go get me some more! April had been at Sean and Sara's all weekend, she is now taking Seth home and trying to go duck hunting in the early am, only problem she does not have a license, so that is a no go! Steve got out and he said it felt good, he was just tired and has laid in bed watching ballgames, am I the only one on the face of this earth who do not like to watch football? Be glad when they are over:) well best go...hugs and nite!

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