Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jenn and Mika Day!!

Jennifer Averitt w/Mika to be born Feb 4th 2010

My sweet, sweet, sweet, Amelia Joy Averitt

me and Amelia

This morning Laila woke about 7ish and laid beside me and sang and talked to her self, it was so sweet, the girls were so easy and they were just perfect! We got up when Peyton woke up and had breakfast, then cleaned house, the girls helped, I told Steve I did not know I could still do it with little ones but we did it!! Steve was a big help:) I hosted Jenn's baby shower today, it was fun, Jill made all the food:) and of course she is the best to do that, she had petitfores (sp) with Mika's Initials on them in pink and some cookies she made with Mika's name on them!! Sugared pecans that were yummy and punch, since everyone had just had lunch we kept it to a light menu. It was a fun shower, lots of grand babies, which I love! Cole is just too cute, he is walking all over and doing what ever he can do, he is so sweet, he covers his eyes to play peek a boo! Then Amelia showed off by her sweet smiles and coos, Alicia can always get a baby to talk and Amelia did do some talking and smiling! Laila and Peyton held mommy open gifts, Olivia helped some with all the paper!! Olivia is jealous when I have anyone in my lap, she will come and make her way into my lap no matter what or who is there she will make her self fit! I enjoyed seeing Jenn's mother and Nanny again, it will not be long and we will all be welcoming Miss Mika!! YEA!!

Steve and I then went to eat, we had planned to go to church but it took to long eating so we came home and April and I looked a brides books, it was fun, she is so funny in all her plans, I love her and I being close and she including me in all her thoughts! Seth and his cousin came over and they are off to get Molly then back here, I am going to bed because boot camp comes real early!! Hugs and Nite....what a fun week-end...thank you Lord!


Alex and Jill said...

It was fun...Jen looked so cute! Can't wait to meet sweet Mika.

Good luck tomorrow! :)

Mom of 3! said...

I had a great time too! Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!