Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spectular Saturday!

could not rotate pic...................grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

OK there is just so much rest I can do!! I am ready to roll! I made Miss Mika's hospital door ribbon and her a little bag of "its a girl mints" for hospital guest! I thought I better get it done, I never did one for Amelia:( she caught us all off guard! Jill had a beautiful door hanger form a sweet friend, she got it at her shower so I was covered! I am going to meet a client at the office at 2:00 today and get some paper work signed then off to the hospital to see my friend with Alicia and Sherry Maxwell, my friend is doing better. Then to dinner and movie to see, it is complicated, sounds like a funny one! Will be fun with my best friend and daughter! Steve is moving around better, walks without walker:) and actually fixed his own breakfast this am, then bathed now in bed resting, he still gets real tired, which is normal. I am so thankful he is doing so good! Best run and get my bath and get ready for my day!! hugs and make this a GREAT Day! Miss Mika if you are reading this, today is a great day for your birthday! :)

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