Tuesday, January 12, 2010

its late and I started at 5:30 yesterday am:)

I realized at boot camp today that I forgot how to skip!! I can not skip, I sorta hop, I ad Hannah skip to help me and Alicia, in which Alicia could not quit laughing at the way I try to skip….I for sure have some work to do on it, I am just not very coordinated.  We had a good work out today.  I am not sore anymore and have some energy, I actually enjoy it more. At 4:30 today I have to get up and go the the Maumelle surgery center where Steve will have surgery on his L4,5,6.  He has no disc and they will fuse them, this is a major surgery and he will being he hospital for a few days, I have all prepared and ready for him at home, for me to, I went to the store Sat. and bought lots of groceries so I can cook him some good meals.  The house is clean and laundry is done. It is never easy juggling work but that is what I will need to do:) Will do boot camp tomorrow night and Sean will stay with Steve.  Pray for Alex he is real sick with his stomach, the Dr. thinks it is the flu or a parasite……hum……I think it has been going on too long for the flu!  Since last Wed., he is getting better but has bad stomach cramping.  Well got to get to sleep, got to get up in four hours:((( hugs and nite!

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