Thursday, January 21, 2010

Traveling Thirsday!

Cole Averitt when he was here the other day

Sean and Anna
My boot camp Coach, Alicia ask me if she was fit, so what do you think?

Traveling like running from one commitment to the other! I set my alarm for 4:30 to be at boot camp by 5:00am, and it did not go off.....I had not slept much because Steve had a hard night and was up and down with him, but I must of went back to sleep at 4am and thought I will lay here a minute till 4:30...never even woke up till 5:30! Believe it or not I was disappointed, now I will have to arrange my schedule to go tonight, it is so much easier for me in the am! Showed property this am early, like 8am! Then went to Journey church to check out my friend Marcella Hagan from Rogers, she is a Century 21 Broker and they had a meeting and used the church facility, A lot of people, 60ish was there, it was the perfect spot for them...thank you Journey Church for being so kind to share your bld. with them! Then off to a meeting, then to take Steve to the Dr. to get his stitches out, he has six screws and six rods on each side of his L 4,5,6, They told him it would take him four to six more weeks to began to feel better, this was a major big gun surgery! He promised to take his pain meds right, he tries not to take them and he is in pain, so now he is taking them like they ordered them and they will cut it back in about two weeks, he is so afraid he will get addicted to them. But another night like last night and I will take them...tee hee! Brought Steve back home got him settled with lunch and in the bed and went to my board meeting, was a little late but did make it! Now home and I have a big pot of white bean chili and corn bread, my secret, I went to Gadwall's and got a gallon of it and their corn bread....but is in my pot so if someone thinks I made it there is nothing I can do about that! I still have to be at Chenalwoods condos at 4:00 for the open house and will leave there at 6:30 and go to boot camp.....UGH! Then home to fall into the bed once I have taken care of my sweet hubby! OR I may just say it is too much and put my PJ"s on and take a nap with my sweet hubby....not sure yet! Oh by the way I got a smaller size in pants!!! YEA!! they are fitting me real good so no baggy pants for me today!! I have gone from a 22-24 to a 14! YEA!!!! Did I tell you I weighed the other day and I had gained three pounds, I bout died, I have not gained weight in almost two years! A steady loss of weight, my coach said that is normal when you first work out it does something to your body and you retain fluids and have muscle weight which weighs more...soooooo we will see about that! I am not as sore as I was Wednesday, coach said it is caused she worked me out with weights on my legs and I have not done that before, I bout could not even sit on the pot! I moaned and groaned every move I made! Thank the Lord it is better! My sweet friend is in a psych hospital to get the help she needs, she is a tiny bit better:) keep praying! Whew....I am eating some white bean chili and I may do the nap thing.......I think Steve may need me to rest beside him so he will feel better! Hugs and hope your having a great day!

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Mom of 3! said...

Goodness, you are a busy lady today!

Love you!