Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh my gosh, I slept 10 straight hours last night, I got home and went to bed and woke up at eight!  I decided not to set the alarm for boot camp, if I woke up then I would go and if not I would go to the night class……it is amazing what sleep can do for you.  Steve usually wakes up three to four times a night, most of the time it wakes me up to, with him not there I did not wake up once!  He usually wakes up due to pain, so with this surgery he will not be in that pain and maybe he will sleep better!  That would be nice, I have thought of getting two beds or sleep in different rooms but can not do that, I miss him if he is not there:)  He is doing as good as to be expected, they got him up twice today and had him walk with a walker, the Dr. said he did not have disc or what ever is in between disc, can’t think right now, on the L 2 and 3 and he had to put a plate and screws and rods in, his bleeding has slowed down, thank the Lord and thank you for praying, he has pain but it is not where he can not get relief form it, the pain meds help him, he has really been out of it tonight so they may cut some of it back.  Ok, when it came time for boot camp, I really did not know how I would do it, I was still sore and I just did not feel like I had the stamina to do it, BUT I went, I was dragging and almost just told her I could not do it and left BUT I stayed and did it, it bout killed me, I feel better afterwards because it stretches me all out, of course now I am achy and sore, my legs burned so bad, but I kept on.  When I got in the car I was ready to cry, I was so thankful I was able to do it, God must have heard and answered our prayers, nothing in me thought I could or wanted to, I just knew I had made to commitment and am trusting that this will help me, if it does not kill me first:)  when I was jogging I started counting that got my mind off how bad my legs hurt and helped, if anyone knows any tricks to help you get through it please tell me:)  I am at the hospital for the night, April was going to stay but she has to work tomorrow so I am staying, hope fully I will get some sleep:)  Jenn went to the baby Dr. and miss Mika has dropped:) Jenn is having contractions off and on so I am not sure she will wait till Feb 4th to come, but I hope she will wait till I get Steve home:) All is well in this house hold hope it is in yours:) hugs and nite!

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Mom of 3! said...

When I work out (Ha! Like I have time to do that anymore) I sing songs in my head.... I focus on trying to remember all the words and that helps me not think about what I'm actually doing!!!

Hopefully Mika will wait another week or two - we'll see!