Saturday, January 9, 2010


bunking party at Nana's.........things we let grand babies do:)
Popsicle in the bed....................sharing with Laila

Daddygrand coming to our party:)

Steve hugging his baby girl! She is so happy! God has heard the cry of her heart!

Me and Seth Harris and Laila

Doris Harris and April

April's ring! sry pics are blurry, I need to do something with my camera:(

Seth and April

April looking at her ring. Seth putting it on her finger

after he ask her to marry him

Seth proposing to April

Seth sharing his heart, April realizing how serious he is, he is so thankful to the Lord for putting April back in his life.

Seth stating he has something to say..........April has no ideal

Seth trying to share, he started crying

Well I have some big news that I have kept a secret for as long as I can!! This blog will be about April and Seth, April met Seth in the eight grade at Captiol City Christian Academy, she thought he was cute, in the ninth grade Seth took a liking to her, he came to the car one day and told me he really liked her and was going to keep praying till she liked him, which did happen, Steve and I both liked Seth and his sweet family, turns out that summer they broke up and Steve and I felt it best they have no contact, Seth honored that request, he was heart broke. He had told his mother several times that he compares anyone he likes to April and they never measure up, she told him to pray then, if April was to be back in his life God would do that. It had been 3.5 years since April had seen Seth. For a few months Seth had been on my mind and heart, I would pray for him when I would think of him, then I felt maybe it was time for them to be friends again, I was not sure so I talked to Steve about it, God had placed Seth on Steve's heart to, we had not said anything to each other. The next morning April got up and came into the den and told me she had a dream about Seth, I ask her would she want to talk to him, she said yes, I said let me talk to his mother, so I emailed Doris and told her Steve and I were ok with it If Seth wanted to call April, and gave her April's number, Doris called Seth, he was at his girlfriends house, his mother told him, he started crying, told his girlfriend he had to leave, he called April, then went to the mall to see her, he came and talked with Steve and I, they have been dating since, when I say dating, we have always ask our children to stay in group environment, and the same goes for Seth and April, last week Seth ask Steve and I if he could marry April, he told us of his love for her and he knows this is who is to be his wife, he was thankful God brought her back to him. He had saved money for a ring, he and his mother had been looking, tonight we went to his home for dinner, which was some of the best homemade lasagna:) before we ate, Seth was so nervous, he said he needed to say something, his family was there and Steve and I and Molly, April's best friend, and Laila and Peyton, we were baby sitting, Jenn and Jared's anniversary, anyway, Seth started sharing his heart, he said he is so thankful for a second chance, that he loved April, then he got on his knee and ask her to marry him, when he was sharing, she just looked at him, he was so serious, she did not know what to think, when he cried she was trying not to cry and was looking at him intently, you could see her love for him, when he ask her to marry him, she said yes, then hugged him, of course cried, her ring is beautiful, she loves it! NOW hang on, I know they are 19 years old and they have lots of time to plan for their marriage, get lots of counseling, but Steve and I both prayed and felt they were to be engaged and know in our hearts we have another son to love, we are excited for them both. No wedding plans yet, they have some things to accomplish before marriage but we have a wonderful future to look forward to with them! We feel we have known Seth's family forever, that is the kind of people they are, you just feel loved by them, God has blessed me with wonderful daughters in love and son's in love and their families.............we are blessed! I have a few pics of Peyton Lou and Laila in out bucking party, we let daddygrand come! Girls are fast asleep and I am on my way, have Jenn's shower exciting, can not wait to meet my Mika!! HUGS and NITE!


Mom of 3! said...

Looks like you guys had a great night! Jared said the girls were good and I'm SO GLAD! They had a weird day and I just knew they would be awful for you. Its neat that they were able to go with you to Seth's parents' house and share such a special evening. :) Thanks for keeping them, we had a good night! Love you!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Well, I am so happy for them but I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE little April is so all grown up!! How does this happen! Love, C.

alicia said...

I'm so excited for this new beginning for April! Mom, I just can't imagine you without a child living in your house...weird...we will just have to let you have those grandkids more often! lol... I look forward to having Seth as my little brother....well, younger brother...he's not so little huh? : )

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