Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making it!

Today was somewhat better, if you can say better is not working on your lower body BUT working on the upper body. I learned new things, like shuffling your legs and moving to the right then to the left, I have seen football people do it, then you throw a ball to the person in front of you as you shuffle, the ball is a eight pound ball, this is not easy, sorta was ok the first time but then got real hard, real quick. Actually jogged most of the laps this time, then did some floor deals, the coach said, ok sit straight up and touch your toes, I told her I could not come straight up to a sitting position, I would have to turn to the side, she said try, I did, could not do it, so she gave me her hands and I pulled my self up:) she said we will work on those abs, by the time we are though you will be able to do that:) We did something on a ottoman, where you hold on with your hands beside your hips, drop your butt off, keep your legs bent and go up and down, this is a killer to me! The you lay back on the ottoman and hold your self up by your legs and take a weight and hold it up in the air and come back with your elbows bent, this works upper arms. Walked holding a weight and bringing up and down behind my many new things....tomorrow we box.........this is all so new to me, so I do not know the names of what the exercises are even called but I am impressed you can do all this without gym equipment:) Again, I laid on the cold floor and just laid and moaned, she is naming me moaner, I sound awful, but it helps me endure it, I do not mean to it just comes out, now I moan at home when I move:0
Today I got a new listing in Parkhill, it is such a neat home, its older and the owner has it looking so good, so if your looking for a older classic home with all the work done call me:) I am already in bed, finishing up my real estate work and going to bed, have to be up early as you know:) HUGS AND NITE!!

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Alex and Jill said...

This sounds very hard. I'll be praying for you!