Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long Day but surgery went well!


Alicia and I this morning, both trying to work as we wait:)  Steve’s surgery went well, Dr. Jordan said his back is the worst mess, surgery took 3.5 hours and recovery 2.5 hrs., for some reason Steve’s blood has not clotted right, he is still bleeding but it has slowed down:) Blood makes me feel light headed so it needs to quit:)  The CNA came in and I told him that bulb deal was full and for some reason he picked it up, no gloves and pulled the tube out and blood went all over him and Steve, bout lost it, good thing Alicia was her she got it taken care of and told the CNA not to touch Steve with out sanitizing and gloves, the CNA was upset cause he got Steve’s blood all over his hands and I am sure he is worried about it.  I assured him that Steve does not have nay diseases. We put notes on the door and in the room to sanitize and wear gloves and any visitors sanitize their hands before seeing Steve no more staff for him, you may not remember he almost died in 1986 from it, in the hospital a month and home on IV for another month or so, then a few years ago he got it when he had his neck stimulator put in and was in hospital for almost two weeks, had surgery twice while there for it.  Steve has never had this major of a surgery, he is doing well and trying to rest, the pain pump helps.  His room is awesome:)steves hospital room 003 This is the sitting area, they are separate, steves hospital room 004 steves hospital room 002 his part,steves hospital room 001 where his bed goes, his part has a recliner and chair, then the suite part has a love seat that makes a bed and two chairs and TV, so you can watch it without disturbing him:)  Very nice hospital owned by Drs., not sure if I will get to go to boot camp tonight or night, Sean will not get here till 6:30, the last one is 7:00 so i will see what to do when I know what time he gets here, he will stay with Steve, this is a very quiet hospital:)))  Since we will be here a week I am thankful the room has lots of space:)))  Thank you for all your prayers they are being heard!  Please pray tomorrow for a dear friend of mine, they will be having prostate surgery for cancer, it is very early stages.  HUGS and NITE!!

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We will Pray for her so that she could recover soon...