Monday, August 30, 2010

Unforgetable Monday

This morning started with me getting up early, then woke Blake up about 7:30ish, I had to go to Greenbrair to get sign and loc box and close loan, I fed Blake some toast with butter and Jelly and mile, then we dressed, I stopped and got him a sprite so if he got thirsty:) and we sat out, Greenbrair is about 1 hr away, we got there and the man who bought the house had a lab that was big and unruly and the man just sat there:(((( grrrrrrrr he even scared Blake by just g=trying to get all over him and me, and Blake has a huge dog is not afraid. My Peyton and Laila would of had a total fit and been in my arms asap!! But I finally got the dog back and the man got him, I got the loc box and sign then we went to the title company, my flood pill had kicked in and I needed to go to the bath room we stopped at a service station and relieved our self:) then stopped at raye lynns?? a clothing sale for kids in Conway which we found nothing but some toys and Blake had taken the tag off of the truck he wanted so I could not even buy it.......he cried:(( then we got in the car and headed home, he started whining and crying out like he had bit his tongue or something, I was on freeway with big trucks all around me when he started throwing up all over him self, I cold not get pulled over fast enough, it was so pitiful:((( when I got pulled over he had quit but was so upset, all I could do was just try to get home as fast as I could, he had gotten car sick, a first for him with me, but going to greenbrair is alot of curves and hills, we got home, I bathed him and he laid down, then he began to feel better, he took a nap and has been fine ever since, bless his heart, I did get my car cleaned up....yuck:((( gag:((((( and all is well. By this time my head was pounding, an my neck was tense, I had to do some work and did it and wrote a contract that I needed to be at my best on cause I had to finagle numbers to make it all work out, which I did. Then my sister Kay came over and we had a good visit about mother's care, it is so nice to have her carry all that with me, I thought I had to do it alone because I was so worried about her health, but now I worry about my own and hers and two are better then one:)) Mother is doing ok, her memory may be some what worse but she is happy. Kay is there tonight she loves staying with her, it still makes me sad, although I love being with her, its just still hard for me. She gets company, April Bivens comes by weekly and Alicia goes by weekly, of course April Averitt is there and Kay and I are in and out like flys, Steve goes about every other day:) so we keep her busy:) I do love having her close. The auction did not go as I had hoped it would, it did make mother more money but no offers on her home in LR:(( and it needs sold, we will get it cleaned up this week and ready, pray it sells asap!! I dread even doing all that, but have to do it, no choice, Sherry Maxwell said she would help me:) I am so thankful for my friends:)))) what would life be without them????? and my sister:))) for that matter my husband and children and their spouses and grand babies:)))) I am blessed:) with that in mind I think I will go to bed....hugs and nite! hard day tomorrow of lots of work and brokers meeting, then go call bingo at a assisted living facility, mother will go and she loves playing it!! last time she won a game, maybe she will win again!!

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