Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whew almost there!

Today started with me teaching a class on listing for sale by owners and calling expired listings, we are In a listing contest at work, so I was hoping the class would be timely to help agents get listings. It was a great class, I really enjoyed it. I then got my files in order, you know when we dread doing something and keep putting it off it seems so much of a task fro us, then we do it and it was not that bad:) I am glad all is in order, I am having and agent take my calls while I am on vacation so they had to be in order, so when the agent has to check something out he can find it pretty easy:) Went to mothers, she had been to get her hair done, she was emotional today, she said she may need to move back to Little Rock, I ask her why and she said she missed her friends, she had seen Luella this morning at the hair dresser, and I think it made her realize she had not seen her and missed her. She said her whole life had changed and she was not sure what to do, just to keep going on or give up, I of course said we would go see Luella and that she has Kay and I and her family, she has a purpose in life, so she has to keep putting one foot before the other and go on one day at a time. I told her she had made the right decisions in moving and Kay and I were real close and we come over daily, how much we love and need her, that she is our mother and I am not sure who we would make it with out her, she seemed settled and had a smile on her face, she needed to know she was needed and loved. Can you even image the changes she has gone though? She misses Walt still and I said mother that is normal, you are grieving, she began to cry and then stopped her self, she says she cries when she is by her self. Breaks my heart for her. Mother seemed more agitated this week with different things, she really requires your full attention and when she does not have it she knows it and will think you do not like her, it is hard for her to have the TV on and have you there, where before it was not a problem, now she can not tune one or the other out, its always hard to be on the phone with her there, she thinks you are talking about her and does not understand who you are talking to, so many many changes in her..............all in all she is so much more healthier and looks so good:) I am thankful:) on another subject, April is still at Alex and Jill's and doing ok, she says she is happy but the looking her eyes do not say the same thing, she is going to church with Seth and his parents, word aflame which is a Pentecostal church, not that I have anything against that, but we do have some different in our beliefs. April does like that church, she goes to Alex's church on Sunday night, she says she goes there for the worship and the word and the other for the emotional sphere in her much is going on in her pretty head...keep her in your prayers:) I am still dreading leaving mother while I am gone, even though I know Faye will be there and she is wonderful and Kay will be there, seems every time I go to mothers she does not know she has seen me and is so thankful I am there, I just miss her and worry...something I have to deal with:( well gotta run going to step study at church.......and I really want to go:)) hugs

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