Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today was a good day for me, started off a little ruff, Steve and I not seeing eye to eye on things:) but then I got settled down, nothing changed but I had some time by my self and some prayer time so I just gave it to the Lord, don't you hate it when your at odds with someone? I do, esp when it is Steve. Then I went tot he office and got caught up on my real estate, I can tell I am not 100% yet cause I tired easily:( came home and made a fudge cake for Beverly Pierce's memorial, miss her:( and cooked dinner for Jennifer, her Papaw past away last week, she is doing well and knows her Papaw is with the Lord and out of pain. Steve got a lot done today, we have had the estate sale and now will sell the rest at a auction on Monday, I am selling mothers house too, of course there needs to be a minimum bid, I have a price I can not go below:) Please pray it sells on Monday, we are putting out boat in it and we have sold the wave runners in the estate sale. Did I tell you that my sister Kay will marry her high school sweet heart and ex husband Sept. 25th.???? God has been so faithful to her in her marriage, Colin is like a brother to me, I love him dearly, he has always been in my life, they divorced but have been friends....obviously:)) any way it is a private like only her children and grand children then she and Colin go to PCB Florida for a week:)) I am so excited fro them to have a week honey moon!! God is good!! well its time for me to go to church to Celebrate Recovery so best run and get Steve up, he was taking a nap cause he did not sleep last night and got up at 4:30am :((( missing my mcgill family, may have to make a run to Van Buren this weekend:))) The Averitt girls, came over and we made chocolate covered strawberries:)) yummy so good, it was so fun to have Laila and Peyton come and help me, Mika came over later with Jenn, she was a hoot, just talking in the only way she knows how, but you sure knew she was here and her pappy introduced her to a glass when your drinking from it:)) All in all, I chose to make this a good day and it has been, glad we have a choice in how how day Will be:)

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Jen said...

Thank you for making today even better for me. I had halfway dreaded coming home because I didn't even know where to begin with getting things back in order around the house. Dinner helped out tremendously and was DELICIOUS! Love you.