Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Sunday

This morning started early, we got up and I feed all the kiddos breakfast, then I had been thinking of bringing Blake back home with us, and wondered how I could do it all, then Blake said, Nana can I go wift you:) so I talked to Steve and he said he could handle it when I worked, Hannah was excited, she has not had a break from Blake in a long, long, long time and he is a hand full, the main thing he is like Houdini and will get out of the house, the car anywhere he wants to and he is not afraid of anything, so with that said you have to have a eye on him at all times:)) but he is just toooooooo sweet, he and Peyton had fun on the way home, Peyton had to teetee and we were not near a service station so we pulled off at coal hill and I got out of the car with her and tried to show her how to go outside, she tried but she just said, nana I tant do it I need a bathroom:))) so she held it for a few more miles and we made it all fine:)) of course no big deal for Blake:)) then we ate breakfast for lunch and took a nap, then went to church, Blake just hugged and hung onto Alex, he loves his uncle Alex:) Alex took him to play the drums after church, Blake loved that!! Now we are down for the night with the alarm set so he cannot get out without us knowing:) Mother is doing ok, she has been a little irritable this week with the care givers, she just wants to do things for her self more but she just can not do it, I am sure that is so frustrating!! April is spending the night tonight and Kay tomorrow then me so maybe by the time care givers come back she will be doing better. Faye had cooked some pinto beans and corn bread and meat loaf....yum yum!!! boy can she cook!! Mother got a shingles vaccine so she can not be around babies less then a year old for two weeks, so she did not go to church with us tonight, I know she would of enjoyed it, April was taking her to get a snow cone:) well best go hugs and nite


Anonymous said...

I just love this, I can so see peyton saying I Tant do that, in her cute little voice. The pic of Alex and Blake is so darn cute. I bet he had a blast. I know Alex is so much fun he loved being with him. Thank you so much momma, I really appriciate it. Love you. Hannah

Alex and Jill said...

He made Alex's night, last night...the way he ran to him and hugged his neck! Alex talked about that all night after church. Such a sweet boy. :)