Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the mends

Mother in new rocking chair

Colin on mother's deck

Mother is her landscaped area by her deck


mother and her fountain walt got her.

Well, I did not wake well on Monday, I was sicker:( but the Dr. did call me in a Strong antibiotic, Augmentin and this morning which is Wednesday I actually feel better:) My throat is not killing me and my cough is not so congested and my kidney infection is better, so I am all better:) I am going to mother's once I get my bath and see in person her deck, Kay said she has not come in off of it much:) Kay took some pics for me and I will share it with you:) Kay said mother is not as confused and when we talked on the phone she did seem better:) keep praying for her. In proverbs it says Blessed is the memory of the righteous, I pray that scripture for her all the time and am trusting the Lord for that:) Steve went to Dr. Bowen yesterday for his neck and arm pain, he got a cortisone shot in his shoulder and is getting physical therapy for it, not sure it will help he will need to go see Dr. Jordan, if you remember a few years back he had the ESI in his neck, like the one in his low back, his hands go numb and upper arms ache, he has a ruptured disc in his neck that can not be fixed with surgery, so the ESI stops the pain, as it does in his back, going to his legs, BUT the one in his neck got staff infection and that is when he had to have them both removed, he is about ready to redo his neck one now, he has had much success with the back one and his back surgery, not sure he can ever be without pain but it sure makes it bearable for him, so pray for wisdom for Steve and the Dr's.. April is doing fine with Alex and Jill, she is doing what she wants to do with her life, not sure all her decisions are the best for her but she will have to learn the hard way, we all do sometimes, I do not dislike the guy she dates but I know it may lead her down some hard roads in her life. Ever wonder when we make a mistake like that if God just makes it right for us or does it make His blessing actually be with held from us? A friend had written something about the Israelite's and how God had to with hold His blessings so many times from them, I have always thought there is no plan B with God we are always in plan A but may have to rethink that, what is your thought on it? Well if I am going to get out I will have to get off this bed and get in the shower, I am suppose to teach a class at 1:00pm today on closing real estate deals so best go and get prepared for it:) hugs and have a great day!

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