Saturday, August 28, 2010

Van Buren today

Steve and I made sure mother was settled with Faye and came to Van Buren to Hannah's, Hannah is now pregnant with our 14th grandchild:)) her and Mark or going on a date, and we are baby sitting:) we brought Peyton with us, she is having a blast with her cousins, I will post pics later today, we are going to the park to play:) Then we will be home and get things ready for the auction at mother's home on Monday, we are auctioning off everything that was left as I said earlier in a post:))) Its another beautiful cooler day and I am loving it, I feel so much better this weekend then last, still taking meds but getting back to 100%. Loving playing with my grandbabies, Steve and Max played football and the girls and I played doll house:))) of course watching veggies tales:) I miss these babies:) Best go...hugs and have a fun day, get outside if it is pretty where you are at and enjoy some sun shine or son shine!!

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