Friday, August 20, 2010

Yucky day

Today I woke not feeling very good, went to the office and left, went to the store for mother and felt like I would faint, came home and went to bed, Steve took mother the groceries, and he mowed her yard, which she loves for it to be very manicured:) I wanted to go over today but just never could feel good enough to go, plus if I am sick, I do not want her to get it. my throat is sore and I have congestion:((( blah blah blah!! I did not hear back from the Dr. today on my specimen:( so will have to wait till Monday for antibiotic. I have one here and may just start it my self, its ceflexin.....hummm...just call me dr. averitt:) Today a man came to mothers estate sale and bought her sewing machine, when he was checking out, Sherry ask him did he not want the chair that goes with it, he said well I guess, so she went to get it, then a lady wanted to buy it too, she said I know the seat raises, although we had tried to raise it and so had Sherry, the lady was persistent and did get it to come open, when she did mother's jewelry we had been looking for was there:)) God works in mysterious ways, I am so thankful that He let us find her jewelry! Today has been emotional for Kay and I both, just tyring to keep away from the sale and dread when I have to go clean it all up, not sure I can. I am thankful I had a day at home today, even thought I felt like crap, it was comforting to just be home. Need your prayers to get well:) going to bed early, hugs and nite

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