Friday, September 3, 2010

Blessed beyond measure

This week has been a blurr, had a busy week but most of all have so enjoyed Blake with us, Steve said this morning he is going to miss him, he has been a daddygrand's shadow. He loves his daddygrand:) Some things that was said this week, I have some flowers on my table and when I got them Blake helped cut them and arrange them in the vase, he was captivated by them, he realized that each morning they open up more and more, one morning as he was telling me about them, I said each day as the sun shines on them they will open until they are all opened up and beautiful, just as I said it, I thought of the Son shining on us making us beautiful! Sometimes we feel closed up and ugly but it only takes some of the Son shine to open us up and make us pretty!! Then each morning I have rocked Blake when he gets up, the first morning I had to make him let me rock him and sit and talk, I tell him good things about him self and how much I love him, welllllll this morning I ask him do you want to rock with Nana or sit in your chair and he said rock with Nana!!! wow. I was just hugged all over inside, he loves the time as I do, Blake is such a loving little boy, he hugs with his whole heart when he hugs:) He is so sensitive at the same time all boy and very inquisitive, he will get into EVERYTHING he has learned this week what he can and can not do, at this point he has quit getting into things that he does not need to touch and has been a angel, he just had to learn some boundary's at Nana's house and he has, he is not getting into trouble, as he says, am I in tubble? He can tell you what he has done wrong and he knows he will get a spakin, he will say, do I get a spakn? I can't want to. Spankings are far and few between the last few days:))) and now he has this down its time to go. This has made me think of how in our own life we need boundaries, when we know what is expected of us and what we can and can not do we are happier, we learn, no don't do that or go there or this will happen and we learn that God is faithful to forgives us when we do, but it does come with the consequences of our behavior. I noticed with Blake you have to be totally consistent, your yes a yes and your no a no, this is hard because you have to quit what you are doing and tend to him to make sure he totally understands, this is how I believe God is with us, when He has said no and we do it any way, I believe you have his full attention to make sure you do not get hurt and help guide you back to where you should be, now sometimes this guidance can hurt:) God disciplines those He loves, so if your out there doing what ever you want and have no discipline in your life, ask your self is God my God? Is Jesus my Savior? Because he will not leave you boundary less, He will not leave you alone to your self, we can get hurt, so listen for His still quiet voice of love and guidance and correction, have a rocking time with Him each morning, it is such a cuddling time and starts your day off with His presence first in your mind and heart, you have had His undivided attention to your life and you will feel and know His presence in your life:)) I have learned a lot this week with having my little man Blake with me!
Hope in sharing it with you, it will bless you!! Hugs


Anonymous said...

I love this, and I really liked all the comparisons in our own life about our time with the Lord, I have never really thought about it like that but it really is true. I want to Thank you so much for watching him all week, the first few days were awesome but by Wensday night I was missing him, and last night it was all I could do to not go get him in the middle of the night, Its wierd the days are not as hard and I miss him but at night I really started missing him, I can't wait to squeeze his little face and hear I lub you so much mamma, Ok enough of that or I will have to leave today. LOL Anyway I have gotten to enjoy some much needed time with Olivia and have learned that Its probably not all Blakes fault all the time, Bless his heart. but at least now I know she can be the cause too.

AJAH said...

This is really good....thank you for listening to me at're such a good ear and an amazing mother. I am going to enjoy my family this weekend while missing you and dad. Wayne is coming next week along with the dishwasher last thing did go wrong today underwire snapped on my new bra!! LOL..... I love you so much!