Saturday, August 21, 2010

Restful Saturday

Today I did not even get up till about 10ish, I do feel little better, I have had a kidney infection, and then started having a stupid cold with cough, I got some nyquil for tonight so I should sleep better. I made two fudge cakes, one for a funeral at Mercy Cross, for after the service, Steve took it for me and went to the store for me, I ma not sure I could of done all that, so I am very grateful fro a sweet hubby! Then I made one and a huge salad for a potluck meeting we went to tonight with the Celebrate Recovery group at Mercy Cross church. As you know if you read this I have been attending their group on Thursday night and doing a step study on wed. night, it has been real good for me, I am realizing some things bout my self on my spending habits, which I am sure is a answer prayer for Steve:) Like Friday I was totally bummed all day and I clean the house, and then I thought I will go get new candles, now since they are not in my budget I would of charged them, BUT one of the things I am working on is spending money and not charging, I pulled into the parking lot at June's Hallmark and then told my self, No you are just trying to make your self feel better emotionally and candles will not do it and I made a commitment not to charge or spend money that I did not have, it actually worked and I drove back home!! It felt good to do what was right. I use to eat when I was emotional but now can not do that, so I cook or clean and want to spend money. This is usually when I have no control over, such as mother's illness, my children, work, issues that I have to let go of, when I let them go I would usually eat my way to feeling better bout it, so now I am facing things and working through them with the Lord, addressing what I need to, if I need to and it is much healthier for me:))) so I am making a baby step of progress. My desire is to be debt free in a year and to do that I will have to quit making debts:)) hope all this makes sense to you, it does to me but then my brain is weird:) I am now home and in bed and glad I am because there was 55-70 mile and hour winds here and in Jacksonville hard rain, only lasted a short while but when it fell it fell!! Steve is asleep and I am on my way....hugs and nite by the way I will take pics tomorrow of mothers new cover over her deck which she loves and her landscaping!! She is doing good, Kay went there today and mother did know her, she had been gone since Tuesday:)) so that's wonderful:)) Kay was glad we found the jewelry and is putting it in a safe place:) hugs again and nite nite

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