Sunday, August 22, 2010


Had a restful day, went to church this am and planned to go to mother's tonight and to Journey church, but started running a fever and throat was razor sore, congested so I did not go, Steve and Jared worked int he yard and helped my neighbor with his yard, this has been Steve's weekend to do good deeds, a person had a flat in front of our home, the young man had left the car for a day then came back and worked and worked, when Steve got home he went out to help him, the man did not have the right tools he needed and Steve helped him get going again:) Just a helping weekend for him:) Still have a fever, throat is little better with Tylenol, but still hurts, maybe from drainage....gross:)))) anyway I am off to bed early, hoping to wake refreshed and ready to feel good:)) I do not like being sick, guess no one does. Hugs and nite!

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