Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wow where do the days go????

me and steve, my sweetie for life:)
Its Tuesday, I just can not believe how the days fly by, Monday went to work, tired form getting in so late, and no sleep, but had a good productive day, got my offer accepted on a HUD foreclosure home, so happy about that!! Went to see mother, I was not sure if she knew me, she has been confused lately, she did not greet me like she normally does, once I was there for a while she knew me, but do not know for sure when I first came in, I had been gone for a week and I usually see her daily. The when I said Kay would be there at 4pm, she said now who is Kay? Kay did come and spend the night, Kay noticed she was still confused, all in all I am sure its just the Alzheimer's:((( I was going to spend the night but April stayed the night, I have had a Kidney infection and just not quite up to par, I stayed till late then came home and now blogging and going to bed early:) I do not have to be up early tomorrow, April will take mother to get her hair done, I will clean her house tomorrow, did some today, then cooking fro a friend who lost a family member and have a Mexican potluck at step study, looking forward to that, I am letting down some of my walls and actually making new friends:) I know that sounds silly but I had come to a place of not making new friends:( just was happy to have the ones I do and had decided no room for new:( of course I think that as out of hurt for losing a dear friend and then when our church had a split and I lost a lot of who I thought were close friends:( not sure why I am sharing all this:) Plan on spending some time with mother and just observing her more. The estate sale is this weekend, sorta sad about all that, I will go over and see what is there and make sure it is all things we want sold one more time. Then to let it all go and get that house sold. Work is slow right now, I need it to pick up and we are having a listing contest so help me pray in some listings, I will make phone calls tomorrow to stir up some business. Rates are at a all time low, like in the 3%, so a great time to buy or refinance! Have a closing this Friday:) Today was property tour and sales meeting, worked most of day till I went to mothers, just wish I felt up to par, tomorrow I will go to Dr. and have some test done to make sure what antibiotic I need if not better. Oh yes, Sean and Anna spent the night last night, Anna had been at Jenn's after school and had dinner with all the girls, the came home and bathed, she was all talk and chatter on her first day at school, got us early this am and fixed her a one eyed monster:) then Sarah brought Cole and I got to love on him, he is such a little chunk! Sean left and had her at school by 7:30, I was glad to get to spend a little time with them:) this evening I got Peyton and Laila for about a hr and played with them, love being bale to just go next door and get them:) then take them home when I am tired:) they are too funny! well guess its bed time for me...hugs and nite

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Jen said...

Ugh, hope you feel better ASAP! The girls loved seeing you tonight, thanks for taking them :)

Love you!