Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Steve Averit

In 1971 I met Steve Averitt, I was baby sitting for his sister Judy, he had came by her home which was down the street from mine, I baby sat for her for several years, Steve ran in and out very quickly, Judy did introduce us, I did not think much about it, he was three years older, so I am sure he did not think much either:) although he says he did:) then I met him in 1973 though a mutual friend Bill Brown, and we married, that is a whole different story:0 but I am so thankful God brought Steve Averitt in my life, we have for sure had our ups and downs, he is my best friend and I love him dearly, even thought he is so much older then me:) I had not planned on doing anything for his birthday except us going out to eat and the movies, BECAUSE we are leaving fro vacation at 5am on Saturday, but as usual I realized Hannah and Mark were coming to town and Sean was here so I had all the kids over fro dinner and birthday cake, I wanted Steve to know how special to all of us:) we had a great family time and all was here EXCEPT mark and Hannah, they are still on their way and its 10:30pm, Mark got off late and Hannah had to pack things for a week of vacation:) They will come by and get dive gear then go to Memphis and we will meet them there, they are getting Mark's mother:) I am so excited she is going on vacation too!! Alicia and her family will leave tomorrow about 2ish:) then other friends will be there too, Steve and I had decided not to go this year, and canceled out condo, then sweet Alicia and Bob had someone not be able to go and it gave them a extra bedroom, so of course when they ask us to go and it was free we could not turn that deal down:))) I will be posting pics this next week:) keep my business in your prayers,sellers do not like for you t go on vacation and I can understand that, they need their home sold and feel I am he one to do it but have to have a week a year I do not do real estate since I do t 2/7:) Well Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie!!I am dog tired but it was worth it, the house is back clean and we are packed and ready to go:) hugs and nite

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Jen said...

The party was great! Thanks for having us over. Be safe on your trip. We will miss you!