Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lord Help it is HOT!

Today started early with picking my clients up, did I say he is a psychologist and his filed is forensics:) what a interesting field, he works with the courts, I am sure that is a very hard job. They are such sweet people, that is what I love about my job is meeting so many neat people from every walk of life. I took pics of a condo I listed in LR then went to mother's and we all went to church and then to eat at Red Lobster, I have not taken time to eat much the last two days so it was nice to sit down and just enjoy a meal and family, Jared and Jenn and the girls went to church and to eat with us, April is spending the night with mother tonight since I have to be at work early, I have a full next till Friday, then e leave on Saturday for Florida:)) yea, I am so ready! I will try to spend some time with mother Thursday and Friday since I will go so long with out seeing her. Her landscaping looks so good, I did not have my camera to take pics, but its all really nice, Kay had it landscaped all around her deck and a area where it was just dirt, she even had mother's fountain that Walt had got her put together and running, its really nice and mother loves it! The man comes Tuesday to bid on covering her deck:) she just stays out so much, she loves sitting out. She seemed more confused tome today and fidgeted alot, but in a happy place and settled in her mind, she said she still misses Walt and it will just come on her and she thinks of him, I told her that is normal and she is suppose to miss him:( sad:( but all in all she is doing well, wieghs 108 pounds!! our goal is 110! almost there:) Well tomorrow is another hot day, today was awful, I could feel sweat dripping on my legs, I had on pants, have to dress professional:(( can not wait for cooler weather:) best get in bed...long day tomorrow, hugs and nite!

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