Monday, August 2, 2010

Another HOT day!

Picked up my clients at 10am, looked at several more homes and settled on a few, they will know by the end of the week if they will take the job here, I enjoyed working with them, blessing of my work:)) I came home and cooked for Jill, she has been sick, made home made chicken soup then used the other part of the chicken for Alex some sour cream chicken, made Mac and cheese and green beans with new potatoes:) Hope it helped, I do not get to do much for them, they live clear across town so its harder for me just to zip by, so I was excited to do it and prayed it would nourish their body and bring healing to Jill:) She and Amelia have been sick with a summer cold, Amelia has the beginning of a ear infection so she is on antibiotics for the first time;(((( so pitiful. Its really pretty good that she has never been really sick, Jill stays home with her so I know that helps, but sometimes you just get sick:( Then right when Steve thought he as getting a home cooked meal, I reminded him we ere meeting Sherry for dinner:) we had Nachos for casa Mexicana:) which was good. I was glad to get home early I had been into he heat for all three days, tomorrow we have property tour and then I show a home at 1pm and then hope to being he office working on my files so I can get ready for vacation and have someone take my calls:) feels have to be able to be figured out by another agent:)) Kay is with mother and they got out some tonight, April was with her today and they play waa hoo all day, mother beat her three times...YEA!! Mother has always liked to play games, this is a marble game, Walt actually made the game board, sorta like Chinese checkers. well going to bed, will be glad when I do not have to get up early and can just get up, sit in my chair, look out the window and drink coffee:) its coming, maybe Thursday:) hugs and nite My new condo listing:)) WLR!!

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