Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach day and wore out:)

Today was spent on the beach and the pool, slept late till 9ish:) then read and had quiet time and headed to the beach:) it was a hazy day, with periods of rain and sun shine, the wind had a constant blowing, so it was never hot:) Th waves were strong and the current was real strong, it would know you down and did knock me down:) I was trying to get up and was laughing so hard I couldn't and I only had seconds before the next wave came, needless to say it knocked me back down and just rolled me around, Regina was trying to help me and I was laughing so hard I could not even do anything but roll with the waves:) Alicia just happened to have her camera:) I have not seen the pics yet but if I can post them I will, it for sure would of won America's funniest video's if we had it on video. Tonight I am wore out and tired, I fought waves fro awhile today in the ocean, for real a work out:) I did get sun burned:(( we went back to Pineapple Willies for dinner, now back and in bed, Steve is already asleep and I am on my way:) hugs and nite

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