Wednesday, August 11, 2010


steve playing with grands
me getting sunscreen:)

made sure he had suscreen

steve did not appericate all my help till he got back and was not burned:)

Steve and Alicia

The birds

Hannah and April

April and Steve

Steve and I left for PCB Florida last Saturday morning, we have been here with Alicia and her family and Hannah and her family and some other friends. We have been on the beach yesterday and today went to shell island, where we rent a party barge and go to this island and snorkel and just hang out, we have a picnic lunch, which was tuna and chips:) so much fun today, then tonight we went to Maragritaville for dinner:) tomorrow is shopping and Joe's crab shack, for Victoria's birthday:) and Steve's, it is in Destin, about 40 minutes away. Enjoy the pics:) Mother is doing great with Faye, Kay had a best friend Beverly Pierce pass away Friday, she was just at Kay's the day before and apparently had a heart attack, so sad, this is such a hard time for Kay so keep her in your prayers, this as one of her best friends whom she loved dearly. Her funeral is tomorrow, I am sad that I cannot be there, I loved Beverly too, its hard to believe she is gone, we really have no guarantee of tomorrow so live today like it is your last and tell those you love that you love them;)) Life is too short. April did come on vacation, she is helping Hannah with her children and staying in their condo, I have enjoyed her being here and so thankful she came:)) Got me a sun burn today even though I used 50 sunscreen:(( but sure had fun doing it!! hugs and nite

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Jen said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish we could have gone. We miss you!!