Sunday, August 15, 2010

On our way home;)

Home again, Home again:) We came to PCB Florida last Saturday, which was Aug.8th and it is already Aug 15th. Sunday, the time goes bby way to fast when your on vacation, for that matter it just goes too fast any day:) Mark and Hannah, their children and Marks mother Regina came and Alicia and bob and their children, Alexandria's friend Kaylie, which lives across the street from me:) then Alicia had two friends who are in her ladies group, Sherry SOderling and her daughter Lexie and Lana SUffridge and her son Cole and daughter Taylor, we all had our own condos, oh yes, my BFF Sherry Maxwell came with her friend. It was such a fun time, we did go to shell island and snorkel for the day, a yearly tradition. Normally I cook alot but this trip I did not do that, I cooked one night and we ate out the rest of the time, we ate at Pineapple willies, Uncle Ernie's, Cheeseburger Paradise,Margaretville,dusty's,dirty dicks,Joes crab shack,I think that is it:) so it was a easier time for me:) I did make fudge last night and when we went to the store we did not go crazy and ate all we bought, oh yes made tuna for our boat trip. I have had so much sea food, flounder,shrimp,crab legs,alligator balls,just so much stuff, I am bout half sick. We are driving home now and it is pouring down rain so hard you bout can not see, makes coming home a little easier:) we just left sandestin outlet mall, had to get Jared some armor all:) would love to stay a few more days and probably could but miss home and mother:) we will have to come back soon:) we all love the ocean, I could live with the sound of the ocean every day, not sure I could live here due to all the tourist, but could for sure enjoy the ocean and waves:) Now to talk about real life. April has been with us on this trip, she stayed with Hannah to help with babies, and some news there, may be another little McGill, just have to wait and see:) April is riding home with us, Max rode down with us, the babies are getting so big, esp. max and Jack it has been fun watching them play and interact, they love each other so much:) Olivia had some getting use to things, she does not like the feel of sand:( she is just too cute, so girly:) and of course Blake is a little doll, he loves his daddy grand so much, when her saw him he started crying;( Victoria jammed her big toe real bad on some stairs in the pool,Alexandria and Kaylie did cheers all over everywhere:) they start school Thursday:( Victoria has a friend BD party tomorrow night or we may not have come home yet. I have loans closing this week and some real estate to catch up on, I wrote a offer while I was here, but John Byrd has been taking my calls which has really been nice:) I did worry about mother some but she has done great with Faye, I am sure Faye is ready to be off for a little bit:) I can not wait to get there and spend the night, will have to show her my pics of the trip:) I miss her, Jared has been over and checked on her and mowed her yard, Kay has been in town the whole time and checked in too, Kay has had such a major loss in the death of her friend Beverly, will take some time to quit missing her, if you ever do. I still miss Jimmy Maxwell and for sure Walt, he would of been 81 Aug. 11th. just hard to believe how death can come so fast and is so final. April is doing good living with Alex and Jill, she is spreading her wings, it has been good fro Steve and I, I will miss her again, as far as that goes I will miss them all, but ready fro some quietness and my own bed for sure:) I can not wait to see the Averitt girls next door to me:) Jenn had gone to help her sister get her class room ready, with her mother and nanny and the grils, they should be home now:) we will not get home till about 12am:(( we always get up and leave early but not this time, we are traveling with the Haley's, and they go on Haley time, so we went to out let mall and took 2 hrs to eat, which was paradise cheeseburger time but oh so good:)) to die for banana pudding...which I ate it all:((( i will have to get back on my healthy eating and working out asap! This is a long blog so guess I will stop for now:) hugs and I think it is a nap time in the car:) back to work tomorrow:) but I am ready!

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