Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For real got to hot today

This morning started out with sales meeting an property tour, which I did not go on, I had to do some things for mother, it was so hot, I then showed property and was locked out of a house waiting for the key to work or owner to come and let us in and I just was drenched with sweat, finally the key worked, only to show the property and the buyer say this is not the one:( but that is ok I will find them one, but not today, I just got too too hot! Took a mattress pad I had bought for mother's guest bed to her house, Kay and April was there, April fixed the bed and Kay had washed the covers, so its all ready now:) Then went to walmart for what I had to have, toilet paper:) dish washing soap and I got so hot, when I came out of the store you could not even breath in the air, it is just humid and hot. We were suppose to go to FFB and I list a house but I was so weak and tired from being so hot I just could not even go:((( which is a real drag, matter a fact the man just left who was working on the pocket door in my closet and now I am going to bed.....hugs and maybe nite...who knows

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